- Complex Lending Agreements

- Due Dates
      - Any day of the month
      - Not dependent on accrual period
      - May be tied to business day calendar

- Principal, Interest, Taxes & Insurance, and Reserves can have different payment frequencies

- Trillion Dollar Loan amounts

- Interest rate precision to 13 decimals

- Adjustable Loans
      - Setup wizard walks through parameter setup
      - Rate & payment changes can be tied to business day calendar
      - Look back periods available for reviews
      - Ceilings and floors for payments and rates
      - Supports negative amortizing loans
      - Complex rate calculations include
            - Index rounding
            - Up to 2 margins with selected operators
      - Complete review and change history on-line

- Prepayment Premium Information

- Multiple Bases for Accounting
      - GAAP
      - STAT
      - Tax

- GL Matrix Expansion
      - Multiple GL matrices
            - Sub transaction types to funnel money by purpose to different GL accounts
      - Deferred Revenue & Expense at GL Level

- Schedule B Reporting

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