A Proactive Approach to Commercial Lending and Asset Management

McCracken Financial Solutions Corp is a leading software provider for the financial lending industry. Our software products provide a comprehensive solution to support a broad range of loan programs. The industry proven accounting engine supports the more complex loan structures of securitized, commercial and construction debt. Our web components answer the need for constant collection of operating statements, rent rolls, and inspections; monitor your data for compliance with regulatory and investor requirements; and provide workflows to walk you through every day and less common servicing tasks, creating an audit trail for the work done. Portfolio managers can perform exposure analysis reviewing lending amounts and collateral demographics. Extensive reporting as well as an ad-hoc reporting tool, makes it easy to get the information you need. And, we continue to work closely with our customer base to find ways to make their jobs easier.

Our clients represent mortgage bankers, commercial banks, insurance companies, thrifts and quasi government agencies servicing over 150,000 loans servicing nearly $2 trillion in debt.

Want a better way to meet your borrowers, investors and internal needs? Take a look at McCracken.

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